Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Magic of Black Eyeliner : Self Portrait

My plan for today was to knock out some laundry and get some good reading time in. Of course, the laundromat was packed to the max leaving no dryers open. Miraculously I managed to shove 3 loads of laundry in one dryer. I set the timer for 72mins and skipped out. Feeling a little exhausted I jetted up to my place to bring myself back to life. Maybe a round of breathing exercises and some tea will do the trick? As I looked in the mirror -almost to pity myself- my blackest of black eye liner caught my eye. Instantly, the beautiful image of Julianne Moore lining her eyes in  A SINGLE MAN filled me with inspiration. I slowly drew one line across the middle of my lid doing my best to replicate the lines of Ms. Moore. Before I knew it both of my lids were black. I HAD TO SHOOT. I looked at my bathroom clock – ok I have 1hour! I didn't have time to complain, talk myself out of it or nit pick about details. It was go time. I ripped off my bedding moved a few things around and created my set. Camera- tripod- lights. I set my camera on the 10 second timer and jumped back and forth playing the role of model and the photographer…

10 minutes for make-up
5 minutes to pick the backdrop and tear all the sheets from my bed
5 minutes to set the tripod and the light- this was definitely a record
5 minutes to style myself - i wasn't wearing much
20 minutes of shooting  just enough to get a few shots
10 minutes to clean up and pick up the laundry.


  1. ex·qui·site: marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution,marked by nice discrimination, deep sensitivity, or subtle understanding,pleasing through beauty, or perfection (an exquisite white blossom) having uncommon or esoteric appeal.

    That about sums up this shoot. Bravaaaa J!

  2. Amazing. You are so talented and beautiful J. I can't believe you got that tight shot of your leg near your face while acting as both model and photog! Girl, you be cahrazy talented. Boo yah.